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Dec. 31, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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As 2018 draws to a close we look back at the top 10 most-read stories and editorials that defined the news in Plymouth over the past year.


County closes 3 ‘unsafe’ bridges on Hines Drive

Wayne County Parks abruptly closed three Hines Parkway bridges Monday citing safety concerns. A spokesman for the county said that serious shear cracks in the concrete members that support the middle concrete slab on the three bridges render them unsafe for pedestrian and vehicle traffic.


Why we bought Central Middle and believe in PARC

There are two key reasons why Patty and I got involved.  First, we believe that demolition of this historic building and replacing it with a massive new subdivision would devastatingly alter and forever diminish the character and feel of our community.


Phoenix ford plant sold to developer

A developer has acquired the historic Ford factory in Plymouth Township and the surrounding 5.15 acres with plans to revitalize the 96-year-old building, known as the Phoenix Mill, into restaurant and retail space.


Indictments imminent in FBI probe

Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise has confirmed that federal prosecutors are expected to reveal criminal charges involving the theft of municipal property.


Officials hint at more charges in Plymouth

The federal charges filed last week against former Plymouth Township Director of Parks and Grants Mike Mitchell may be the first of several indictments as a result of an ongoing corruption investigation.


Former township director to be sentenced

Details of the federal prosecution of former Plymouth Township Parks and Grants Director Mike Mitchell were revealed to members of the township board of trustees last week by Township Police Chief Tom Tiderington.


Dirty politics

As the mid-term election approaches tomorrow, a small, well-funded and vocal group of disgruntled and angry opponents has mounted a hate campaign aimed at their nemesis.


What is happening to the civility in our community?

We found the group leadership is made up of several politically-motivated operatives and former township officials who were soundly defeated by voters in the last election. These disgruntled individuals have bantered negative and untrue facts about the PARC program at every opportunity.


Lets not spoil our town

Next week, members of the Plymouth City Commission will vote on formally increasing the number of liquor licenses available in our picturesque example of Americana from 24 to 28, with two remaining in escrow.


Downtown battleground

The ballot proposal to fund the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex has become one of the most contentious issues facing voters in both the city and township.


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