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At Plymouth Voice.com –  we draw a distinct line between news and opinion. We operate independently from financial influence of advertising and sponsorships to ensure impartiality in our reporting to our readers.

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Our goal and main focus is to publish unbiased news stories for the Plymouth, Canton and Northville community.

PlymouthVoice.com takes pride in their reporting and editorial staff of professionals who uphold the tenets of good journalism standards and have decades of combined experience.

We know newspapers are often the most relied-upon source for crime, taxes, local government activities, schools, local politics, local jobs, community/neighborhood events, arts, and zoning information. With this in mind, our staff skillfully aligns itself with Associated Newspapers of Michigan – The Eagle.

Many articles published by PlymouthVoice.com are also published in print by The Eagle, the popular weekly newspaper that serves eight local communities. We often collaborate on ideas, opinions and stories to reach our readers in a most effective and unique way.

The Eagle is the only real local newspaper not under the control of a major news corporation.

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