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Jun. 8, 2015  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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According to a Plymouth Township Newsletter/Survey mailed to 8600 households this week township officials are inquiring resident’s choices before they make their final decision on the details of a new seven-year solid waste trash-hauling contract that will cost taxpayers approximately $10,836,000. The information demonstrates the Township Board favors the selection of a fully automated trash and recycling collection program with wheeled trash and recycling carts.

Residents were asked to respond within the next four days, but no later than June 12th.

Last month after considerable discussion and controversy the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees awarded a nearly $11 million contract to Rizzo Environmental Services of Sterling Heights. The award leaves many questions unanswered, like who will own the plastic wheeled carts, should the automated service model be implemented over the current model, who will be responsible for cart maintenance and what size cart would residents prefer.

“We look forward to hearing back from the residents and which way they want to move forward on solid waste collection,” Township Supervisor Shannon Price was quoted as saying.

The officials solicited bids from five vendors for the residential refuse, recycling and yard waste services contract currently held by Duncan Disposal System, Inc. that expires in October. Rizzo, which they said was the low bidder, quoted nearly $1.240,000 for the first year of the contract for the current traditional service model that would escalate to $1,280,000 by year seven.

The survey, which includes a tear-out post card, asks whether residents would like to maintain the current level of service provided by Duncan, having Rizzo provide the same traditional hand- dumping of residents owned trash containers and recycling bins or implement automated collection for trash only, recycle only, or both trash and recycle. The survey inquires resident’s choice on container size, either a 64 gallon, 42 inch tall cart, or a 96 gallon 46 inch tall cart.

Rizzo’s bid for the automated service was nearly $1,370,000 for the first year or $13,000 more than the traditional service model. The cost for the automated service by the seventh year would be approximately $1,420, 000. Township officials say the automated model may necessitate a “slight increase” in trash-collection fees from residents in the third, forth and fifth contract years.

The survey highlights key elements officials say are advantageous for the use of wheel carts, like ease of use, large wheels making them easy to roll and improved neighborhood appearance with a uniform look. Officials said there would be no changes to the collection for compost. Residents will not be asked to purchase or pay the delivery of carts according the newsletter.

Rizzo has a large portfolio of contracts including the City of Detroit.


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