Resident regrets board support, admits mistake

Aug. 29, 2013  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


To the editor;

I want to apologize and admit my mistake for asking you to support several individuals for the Plymouth Township board. With your support we elected them because thought they were outstanding people we could trust. I made a terrible mistake our grandchildren will have to pay for many years to come.

In the last few months we have seen misplaced spending on an idiotic amphitheater that no one will come to, a $625,000 pavilion, $784,000 treescape, $350,00 into the losing golf course and many more items including big raises that would be unheard of in the private sector. We have no answers as to why this is being done, it just make no sense at all.

There was no public input into these projects and no discussion among the board members. Edwards and Reaume give the orders, Conzelman and my friend, Kay Arnold, salute them and vote yes without much thought.

I am particularly disappointed in Nancy Conzelman. We joined together in believing she was a intelligent individual and would be an independent thinker, but in reality she votes however she’s told to vote and has rubber stamped these projects from the start.

There is a lack of customer service in the clerk’s office; they treat the public like it’s an inconvenience rather than a customer. When Joe Bridgman was there he would go out of his way to help the public. Eric Bacyinski would greet everyone with a smile and was very courteous regardless of what political side you were on. I sure miss them as I’m sure everyone else does too.

At the township meeting on Aug. 20 I mentioned the fact I made several unanswered calls which went to voicemail to the clerk’s office on July 29 and 30 inquiring as to why the videos from April 23 and July 23 were not posted online. None of these calls were returned. I have copies of the phone records to prove this.

After meeting I was attacked by the clerk and her deputy. They called me a liar rather than try to understand my frustration and help me. If you went to Home Depot and complained about the way you were treated the manager would not attack you.

We need to support the three trustworthy board members who have voted against these projects. Let us pray that the others come to their senses and see what a waste of taxpayer’s money this is. We can discuss this further the next time we meet.

Duane G Zantop Sr. Plymouth


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