Northville Township

Plymouth Voice regularly reports on all the family-centered events and business happenings within the City of Northville, Michigan. Straddling Oakland and Wayne counties, the small 150-year old city still has an idyllic small town flavor of eclectic styles, leaning toward Victorian architecture around the downtown area where many homes are of the Queen Anne style. Northville’s Victorian heritage is celebrated every September with a Victorian Festival, recently renamed the “Heritage Festival”.

Located midway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Northville has a population of 6,000 in an area of two square miles. Northville Downs race track, a downtown landmark, opened in 1944 as the first nighttime harness racing track in Michigan was built on the site of the former Wayne County Fair.

The former Plymouth “Super-Township,” which included all of Canton, Plymouth, and Northville Township, was divided into Plymouth Township and Northville Township at the turn of the 19th century. The Charter Township of Northville, with a population of 28,497 within its 16-acres, adjoins the city of Northville. The small community is located 4-miles north of Plymouth-the cities are considered to be two of the most desirable places to live in the Midwest. Northville is adjacent to the northern part of the Charter Township of Northville, but is administratively autonomous. Northville and Northville Township are two communities that are closely linked to Plymouth, logistically and demographically.

Northville Township is a sister township to Plymouth Township. The two were at one time connected.

Car crash takes lives of Northville couple

Nov. 15, 2022  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Township police report a car crash early Saturday morning in the area ...
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Veteran police officer retires from township

Oct. 2, 2022  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Northville Township Police Sgt. David Roberts retired Sept. 16, after a 27-year ...
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State hospital trespassers charged with arson

Aug. 3, 2022  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News The Wayne County Prosecutors Office has charged three of five individuals arrested ...
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Hi-tech security system stops urban explorers

Jul. 25, 2022  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Don Howard Staff Writer State laws define trespassing and in most cases ...
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Gunshots again disrupt quiet Northville community

May 20, 2022  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Police investigation continues after reports of gunshots at Northville Township apartments Once ...
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Veteran officer leaves Northville – 3 decades of service

Feb. 17, 2022  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Northville Township Police Officer James Beamish, who once wrestled a deer while ...
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Long-time Northville Township Police Chief retires

Jan. 2, 2022  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News So long and best wishes to Northville Township Police Chief Tennies. Northnville ...
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Town Hall meeting on Beck Rd. widening project – Monday

Nov. 5, 2021  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Northville Township officials has scheduled a town hall meeting set for Monday, ...
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Dairy Queen plan is approved

Aug. 23, 2021  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Who doesn't need a chocolate-dipped, double-twist vanilla at 11 p.m. after a ...
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Northville Police autism program adopted statewide

May 4, 2021  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News A program created by Northville Township Community Service Ofc. Andrew Domzalski to ...
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