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Mar. 12, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE

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Plans to construct mixed-use developments and ease Plymouth’s downtown parking problems are moving along according to those familiar with the project.

The Plymouth City Commission and Planning Commission recommended to the DDA Board by a 4 to 1 vote last June to name Harmonie Park Development Company as their official developer and partner for the downtown property located on Ann Arbor Road, commonly known as the Saxton property and Wilcox House. The DDA Board of Directors accepted the recommendations and gave full approval for the plans to develop the Saxton site.

City leaders and the selected developer have since promised to be respectful of the city’s historic significance and downtown neighborhood and work to alleviate the parking problems.

Architectural concept drawings created by Royal Oak developer, Union Street Development Co., that was not the firm selected for the Saxton project, depict a massive one-square-block development directly across from Kellogg Park.

The Union Street Development Co. proposal called for a mix of residential units, condos and apartments, with a small scale micro-urban commercial-retail development. The concept includes a 200 to 250 parking deck designed in the middle of the site surrounded by Residential Condo Development located on the residential neighborhood side. An apartment and commercial-retail development area is planned along Ann Arbor Trail and Deer Street. This idea extends the urban activity of the Downtown Plymouth area and is a continuation of Kellogg Park. The existing two-story historic building (Saxton Building) is proposed to be re-purposed into a restaurant on the first floor surrounded by an urban outside seating court on the first floor and more residential units on the second level.

Harmony Park Development published the following information after being awarded the contract for the city project.

Saxtons and Wilcox House Properties

“Harmonie Park Development was selected to be the developer of the Saxtons property by the City of Plymouth Downtown Development Authority. This 1.45 acre site will be developed in conjunction with the 2.16 acre Wilcox House site to create a new eastern gateway to downtown Plymouth’s iconic Kellogg Park. The project will undergo significant community engagement over the next 12 to 18 months as the public-private-partnership, program, and designs are developed. Located between Ann Arbor and Detroit, downtown Plymouth is one of Michigan’s premier suburban downtowns, home to the state’s world-renowned “Plymouth Ice Festival” and “Art in the Park,” the state’s second largest art event.”  


Plymouth Voice.

Photo / Video: Union Street Development Co.





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