Clerk requests recount in questionable election

August 11, 2012  PLYMOUTH VOICE.


Joe Bridgman, Plymouth Township Clerk, has served his opponent Nancy Conzelman with legal notice of a recount on the basis of “fraud or a mistake” as recently reported by news sources.

It was reported Conzelman said she was “surprised” that Bridgman has called the entire election into question. Election results show Bridgman losing to Conzelman in Tuesday’s primary election by just eight votes.

Nancy Conzelman, is said to be a neighbor and close friend of Trustee Bob Doroshewitz. It has been rumored she was urged to run, pushed and supported by Doroshewitz and Supervisor Richard Reaume to cleverly maneuver the elimination of Bridgman from his job.

Sources say Bridgman, often times does not go along with the rest of the Board of Trustees with yes votes, but gives his true opinion and has not been a popular member with his peers, who openly hold unqualified contempt. Bridgman voted against downsizing the Fire Department. Last year Bridgman was physically assaulted by Treasurer Ron Edwards at the township hall after Edwards became enraged over a letter related to a job the treasurer applied for in the City of Warren, claiming Bridgman opened his letter.

Supervisor Richard Reaume and Doroshewitz have sought to attack Bridgman at every turn, frequently finding fault, criticizing and questioning his decisions and professional ability. Reaume even went so far as to publish and mail personal attack letters about his clerk Bridgman, just prior to the election.

Conzelman has not appeared in any public forum, advertised her platform or campaigned openly, surprising many voters with the number of votes she obtained. Her husband is Steve O’Connor who sits on the Compensation Board who recently approved controversial raises for the executives of the Board of Trustees, including Reaume and Doroshewitz.

Records show Richard Reaume donated funds to Conzelman’s campaign.

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