Recount requested in Plymouth election

August 16, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


Results of the Plymouth Township primary election last week are being challenged by incumbent clerk Joe Bridgman, who apparently lost his seat to first-time challenger Nancy Conzelman by only eight votes.

A petition seeking a recount of the election results was served last Friday on Conzelman and the board of canvassers who will now be responsible for counting the ballots by hand. The basis for the recount cited by Bridgman was “fraud or mistake.”

Bridgman garnered 2,238 votes while Conzelman received 2,246. If the results are unchanged by recount totals, Conzelman will be unopposed on the November ballot as there is no Democratic challenger for the seat.

Conzelman was strongly supported by Supervisor Richard Reaume who was unchallenged in the primary race. Reaume was responsible for literature mailed to voters critical of Bridgman, some containing statements later proven incorrect.

Conzelmans’ husband, Steve O’Connor is a member of the township compensation board which recently approved raises for the administration, including Reaume, and the members of the township board of trustees. Records indicate that Reaume donated financially to Conzelman’s campaign.

The results announced last week indicated that Reaume will be challenged by write-in candidate Richard Sharland in the Nov. 6 general election. Sharland, also a Republican, has already begun his write-in campaign.

Treasurer Ron Edwards, seeking his fifth term, received 2,466 votes in the primary election last week to defeat his opponent, Edwin A. Schulz, who received 2,066 votes. Edwards will now be challenged by Democrat Rita White in the general election.

Democratic candidates for trustee in November will include Joanne M. Lamar, who received 1,132 votes in the primary election and Alanna Maguire who garnered 1,082 votes.

Results announced Tuesday and now subject to the recount indicate that the Republican candidates for trustee will include Robert J. Doroshewitz who received 2,368 votes followed by Kay Arnold, the longest serving member of the board, who received 2,053 votes. Former trustee Charles Curmi received 1,843 votes and Michael Kelly received 1,799 votes.

First-time candidate Jennifer Mann received 1,305 votes, Arthur Butler garnered 1,298 votes, Sandy Groth received 999 votes, Paul Schulz got 715 votes and Andrew Justus collected 673 votes. Don Schnettler received 641 votes followed by Christopher Hull with 613 votes, Mark Christenson with 580 votes and Janai Stepp with 371 votes.

Only the top four Republican candidates for trustee, following the recount totals, will vie for the four open terms against the two Democrats in November.

At press time, no date had been announced regarding the requested recount.

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