Plymouth Board of Trustees

A seven member Board of Trustees that is elected to the position for four years governs Plymouth Township. The Township officials are full-time employees. The Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer and Deputy Clerk make up the compliment of officials.

Public Safety Sign

Plymouth Township seeking public safety millage OK

“Clinton told the board of trustees that this millage is the bare minimum amount necessary to keep the township “going ...
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Post card mailer

War of words continues in Plymouth

Oct. 25, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Don Howard Staff Writer Administrators at the Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex ...
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AdobeStock  e

Township considers new ambulance service

Oct. 4, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Don Howard Staff Writer Plymouth Township officials are considering the need for ...
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Kay Arnold bench

Fitting Tribute

Oct. 3, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Plymouth Township has installed a new bench swing at Township Park honoring ...
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Heise Wolcott

City – Township conclude pension dispute

Kurt Heise Plymouth Township Supervisor with  City of Plymouth Mayor Oliver Wolcott Aug. 27, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News ...
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Heise Nix

Northville leaves Plymouth Township fire station

After signing a fire-services agreement, Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise, (Left), and Northville Township Supervisor Bob Nix celebrate the grand ...
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GFL Environmental

Plymouth Township to see trash rate hike

Aug. 1, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Plymouth Township residents will see no increase in water and sewer rates ...
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Lena Epstein

Epstein meets Plymouth Township officials

Jul. 23, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Lena Epstein, Republican businesswoman and candidate for Representative to Congress, 11thDistrict introduced ...
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HVA Ron Slagle

Plymouth Township to vote on public safety millage

HVA principals, President / CEO Ron Slagle (left) and Dale Berry-President Emeritus, attended the June 26, 2018 Township Board of ...
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Pierce Fire Engine

Purchase of new fire truck approved

Photo showing Pierce Manufacturing-Enforcer Fire Pumper, a the type similar to the unit ordered by the Plymouth Township Fire Department ...
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