Township police warn of increased larceny

Jun. 7, 2016  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Plymouth Township Police say there have been increased reports of larceny from area homes, garages and vehicles with the onset of warm weather. Officials report incidents of individuals casing neighborhoods, knocking on doors and asking for someone who does not live at that address or asking about a lost animal to determine if anyone is home.

“We are asking residents to help the police keep our community safe and the crime rate low by locking doors, securing valuables and watching for suspicious activity.” Said Detective Lieutenant Bob Antal in a prepared press release.

According to Antal, over the last few weeks Township police officers have responded to several larcenies from autos and garages and found that in all but one case the victims had left their personal belongings visible in the vehicles and the vehicle unlocked.

“Garage doors were left open allowing thieves easy access to items within the garage and possibly access to the home.”


We would like to remind everyone to keep their garage doors closed even when home as this presents an opportunity for subjects to enter the garage undetected and remove items. Many homes have attached garages and this also allows subjects access to the home itself. Many people walk in the home from the garage and place their purses, keys, wallets etc. on the counter or kitchen table just inside the door. This presents an easy target for subjects to walk into a house and grab the items and flee quickly if the large garage door is left open.


LOCK your car doors and DO NOT leave valuables in sight. Many people leave laptops, GPS, brief cases, purses, wallets and even keys in their vehicles sitting in sight of anyone walking by. If you have a car alarm, set the alarm each and every time you leave your car.

If you are up in the middle of the night, look out a window and report anything suspicious to the police. Many times when we respond to incidents we are approached by a neighbor who report they saw someone they didn’t know, but, ‘didn’t want to bother you.’ Please call, as the police would rather check on a suspicious subject than respond to a reported crime.


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