Officers receive honors

June 21, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


Plymouth Police Sgt. Chris Voorhies and Ofc. Tom Koval were honored by Huron Valley Ambulance with the 2012 Life Saving Award at the annual Emergency Medical Services Recognition Awards Dinner last month.

Voorhies and Koval were honored for their life-savings actions during an early-morning fire at the Meadows Condominium Complex on June 16, 2011. When the officers were dispatched to the three-story building in the complex, they saw heavy smoke coming from a second floor window. They rushed into the building, and raced to the second floor where they had to force a door open to begin shouting to alert sleeping residents. They continued to force open other doors on adjacent units to attempt to warn residents despite the black smoke that filled the halls making visibility impossible and breathing difficult.

The officers went unit by unit, reassuring many confused and frightened residents as they led them out by feeling their way along the walls to the exit.

“The City of Plymouth can be proud of the efforts of Sgt. Voorhies and Officer Koval,” stated HVA vice president Paul Hood. “Without regard for their own safety, they acted immediately in a very dangerous situation and ensured that all the residents were safely evacuated.”

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