Lifesavers honored by Plymouth Township

St. John’s employees receive awards, from left, Joseph Micallef-Golf Ranger, Adam Johnson-Security Supervisor, Paul Wegert-General Manager, Jim Fowler-Assistant General Manager

Aug, 10, 2015  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.

Plymouth Michigan News


One golfer who plays in a weekly league at The Inn at St. John’s in Plymouth will never forget May 25. That was the day he teed off at the 19th hole with the best shot of his life…it was also the day he suffered a massive heart attack right after his swing.

Adam Johnson, a security supervisor at St. John’s and Joseph Micallef, a golf ranger at the course were each honored by the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees last month with life saving awards for their successful efforts to save the man’s life.

The incident began as the golfer teed off at about 5:19 p.m. and immediately suffered cardiac arrest. His brother, and golf partner, immediately dialed 911 just as the situation was noticed by Micallef, who was on duty at the time. Micallef radioed his supervisor, PGA golf professional and Director of Golf James Mrozinski for assistance. He, in turn contacted Johnson who responded by grabbing a AED (Automated External Defibrillator) and rushing to the aid of the stricken golfer. According to all witness accounts, he arrived within 5 minutes of the cardiac incident.

Johnson said he applied the AED pads to the man’s chest after he was unable to obtain a pulse and noticed the blue tone of the man’s skin. He said he delivered one shock from the AED at 5:26 and then performed three cycles of CPR. He said the man began to regain consciousness just as the EMS ambulance arrived at the scene. The EMS vehicle transported the man to St. Mary Mercy Hospital.

He was released from the hospital in a few days and is now doing well.

A member of the golf league said that had the staff at The Inn of St. John’s not responded in the timely manner they did and had they not been trained and equipped with an AED, his friend would probably not have survived the incident.

A spokesperson from The Inn at St. John’s said that more than 50 staff members are trained in First Aid and the security people are on duty 24-hours a day.

“We are extremely proud of Mr. Micallef and Mr. Johnson and their efforts to save our guest’s life,” said Assistant General Manager Jim Fowler.

Editor’s note: The victim and his family requested anonymity and did not wish to be identified.

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