Gifts to red kettle are needed

Nov. 21, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


They started a little earlier this year.

That’s because they have such a big job ahead of them and the calendar shaved a few days off their time to do it.

The Red Kettle program of the Salvation Army has already started, and there are bell ringers in front of several local merchants and stores seeking a few coins from shoppers to help the less fortunate this year.

Volunteer bell ringers are still being sought and will be at store entranceways through Dec. 24 in an effort to prompt people to give what- ever they can to help others during the holiday season. There are nearly 450 locations throughout metro Detroit where volunteers can be found, shivering and ringing their bells hoping to fill their kettles.

According to Major Mark Anderson of the Salvation Army, “As the Michigan poverty level rise for the fifth consecutive year, the need for social services continues to rise exponentially.”

That means the need is greater again this year.

All the change and dollar bills collected in the red kettles help to assist local families and individuals. This money also helps maintain vital human services such as food and shelter for children and adults throughout the year.

The campaign may only take place during the holidays, but the help and assistance it provides goes on all year.

It isn’t easy, juggling packages, controlling excited children and trying not to get run over by the holiday drivers in parking lots, but dropping those coins or a couple of dollars in that kettle can be the difference between a family sleeping on the cold streets or in an abandoned car and having a hot meal and a bed.

It sounds melodramatic, we know, but it is unfortunately true that this is the condition of our society today.

If you can find any way to help, when you hear the bell or see the red kettle, please give whatever you can. If you have children or grand children with you, tell them what you are doing, and why. Teach them about helping others and being thankful and grateful for all they have, no matter how much or how little that might be.

A better world for us all begins with each of us caring enough to help others. Now is the best time to set that example and teach our children how important that role is in a full life.

That lesson will be one of the things they will be thankful to you for and hopefully, pass along to future generations.

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