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Sep. 7, 2018   PLYMOUTH EAGLE.

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Official Associated Newspapers of Michigan Fall Festival Program included with this week’s edition of THE EAGLE.


One of the most popular attractions at the Plymouth Fall Festival year will operate every 20 minutes or so from the time the event opens on Friday until after it closes on Sunday.

More than 1,000 visitors to the event have discovered the convenient parking and shuttle service offered by Praise Baptist Church, which provides free parking at the church, located at 45000 North Territorial Road, about a quarter mile west of Sheldon Road. From there, visitors to the festival can ride in a comfortable shuttle which will transport them right to the center of the action without having to start their visit with the stress of trying to find a parking place downtown.

Most of the public parking lots in the community will be manned by various service clubs who will charge $5 or so to park. Those funds are used to support the community service projects of the clubs like Special Olympics, Lions, Rotary and Civitans. Without the volunteers’ efforts to control the parking flow in the lots, parking in the public lots could experience serious traffic jams and even fender benders. The popularity of that paid parking is one of the motivating factors in the shuttles offered by the church.

Parking at the church is free, as are the shuttles, and there is no waiting in line or concern about heavy traffic getting in or out of the lots.

Last year, James Hooper, the chairperson of the missions and outreach at Praise Baptist Church said that the shuttle service has been without any untoward incidents during the past five years the church has offered the service. This is the seventh year the church has provided the service during the event.

“Many of the folks we shuttle are families who return every year once they discover how easy and convenient the service is,” Hooper said in an earlier interview.

He added that many of the volunteers at various booths and events of the civic groups park at the church and use the shuttle service.

The shuttle picks passengers up at the church and transports them to the drop-off location, adjacent to Plymouth City Hall downtown. Passengers enter and exit right on Main Street.

The shuttles pick-up about every 20-minutes or so and there is rarely, if ever, a wait for service. They will operate for a half hour before the festival opens and for a half hour after closing time each day during the weekend.


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