Don’t believe the propaganda-Township resident speaks out

July 19, 2012  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

Special to   Letter by:  TOM KELLY.


Mr. Kelly is a long time Plymouth Township resident and a professional firefighter-paramedic in a neighboring community.


Recent Plymouth Township election campaign mailing propaganda have suggested that the current Board of Trustees have, “right-sized” the Plymouth Township Fire Department.

The current Plymouth Township Fire Department is staffed at a maximum of five firefighters, reduced to a probable minimum of four, or three firefighters (including vacation, sick and injury leaves), possibly closing two of three stations. How is that “right-sizing?”

The NFPA-National Fire Protection Association recommends 12 to 14 firefighters for a routine house fire. How are we to fight a fire with three, four or five firefighters?”

“Right-sizing” or “eliminating?” Don’t believe everything you read in their propaganda.

You get what you pay for.

The township recently hired four “new” Plymouth Township hall office workers, and new police officers, while they laid off six plus three firefighters.


Editor:   At the July 17th Board Meeting this past Tuesday, Township Clerk, Joe Bridgman strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with the Board of Trustees latest newsletter/mailer saying it was politically motivated and mailed out without his knowledge or input, calling their actions “unprofessional.” A  similar newsletter mailed out this spring is said to have cost taxpayers $17,000 dollars.

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