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Mark Clinton

Newly elected Plymouth Township Treasurer Mark Clinton recites oath of office before Lt. Governor Brian Calley     Dec. 9, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News     Don Howard Staff Writer   During an informal discussion at the meeting of members of Plymouth Concerned Citizens last week, newly-elected Township

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Cell Phone tower

Mar. 1, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   A third location has been proposed for a planned Verizon cell tower in Canton Township, after protests from residents of homes near the first two sites considered were successful in rejecting those locations. After the first site proposed by Verizon, located

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Terry Bennett

Photo: (c) Associated Newspapers of Michigan         Feb. 2, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   There will be two familiar names missing from the Canton Township ballot in November with the announcement of Township Clerk Terry Bennett that she will not seek reelection this year. Bennett’s

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Kurt Heise at Ply Twp BOT Mrg

State Rep. Kurt Heise, who has announced his interest in the supervisor’s post, listens to the discussion at the meeting Saturday. Photo by Don Howard   Mar. 28, 2015  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   Don Howard Staff Writer   Residents of Plymouth Township willing to become the municipal supervisor

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Detroit House of Correctitions Cell Block

Feb. 28, 2015  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News   OPINION   This week, Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Robert J. Colombo ruled that 190 acres of land Plymouth Township purchased in a botched foreclosure sale from Wayne Country must be returned to its rightful owners, the City of Detroit. The

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