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Northville Police Department

Jan. 2, 2019  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   Just in time for the New Year, the City of Northville has hired a new police chief. Alan Maciag, the former police chief in the City of Wayne, officially assumed his new role in Northville yesterday, Dec. 26. Maciag was the

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Seal of Supreme Court

Aug. 9, 2017  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   Don Howard Staff Writer The unusual arrest of a Northville man in 2014 for driving drunk in his own driveway has drawn national attention after a surprising ruling last week by the Michigan Supreme Court. In this latest decision, judges on

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Nov  NV Ctr St

Nov. 17, 2012  PLYMOUTH VOICE.   When Northville police arrived on the scene of a reported accident on Center street on Nov. 2,  they spotted the driver kicking trying to kick a package of marijuana under his car. The man, yet to be identified, had driven his car onto a

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