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Jan. 12, 2017  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Township News     Don Howard Staff Writer The recent termination of a part-time park manager in Plymouth Township has called the employment practices of the recently defeated former township administration into question. The relationship between the part-time park manager, former Parks and Grants Director

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Kelley and Mitchell

Plymouth Township Parks and Grants Director Mike Mitchell talks with Fox-2 reporter Ingrid Kelly after altercation, July 2015     Dec. 12, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   “I don’t know whether he quit, resigned or was asked to leave. He probably knew he wasn’t going to stay long

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Plymouth Twp Police Vehicle

Nov. 3, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News     Plymouth Township Treasurer Ron Edwards has absolutely denied rumors that he made any kind of threat against township employees last week. The reported threats to “shoot up” Plymouth Township Hall were variously reported to have taken place Monday of last

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