Salem’s sewage is a real threat

Mar. 25, 2024  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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We recognize that people in our community do inherently care about the issues at hand if they’re informed and overcome community apathy and get involved.

Here is a critically important issue that needs our full community support-the construction of a sewage plant in our backyard.

On Thursday, April 4, representatives from the state Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy are holding an open public hearing at Plymouth Township’s Northridge Church.

Residents from Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Northville and Canton will have an important opportunity to voice their opinion regarding the impact of a proposed wastewater plant planned by Salem Township that will discharge 840,000 gallons each day of treated sewage into our environmental gem, Fellows Creek, a sensitive Rouge River tributary. The plant is slated to be built at M-14 and Napier Road.

The impact of this calamity, if permitted, will effect thousands of homes and residents and raise the risk of continued flooding, unknown contamination, pollution and decreased property values.

State and Township leaders have repeatedly expressed their concern and opposition to Salem’s project over the past few years.

State Representatives Jason Morgan, (D) 23rd District and Matt Koleszar, (D) 22nd District urged Department of Natural Resources Director Daniel Eichinger to oppose Salem’s plan for the construction of the wastewater plant, deny the permit at the proposed location – sighting a significant environmental threat to the health and well-being of the Plymouth Township community.

In their letter to Eichinger, the representatives called out reduced property values, harmful pollutants and foul smells were compelling lessons learned from the nearby Arbor Hills Landfill and their decades of violations that were emblematic of the neglect allowed by Salem Township leadership.

Plymouth Township officials have repeatedly opposed the development for various reasons approving resolutions in opposition in 2017 and again in 2020. Early in 2022, upset Plymouth Township Board of Trustees unanimously passed another resolution opposing the construction of the facility.

“We need the public to come out in force to express their opposition to this sewage plant,” said Kurt Heise, Plymouth Township Supervisor.

“I believe this is the single greatest quality of life issue facing Plymouth Township residents today. It’s going to impact thousands of homes, thousands of residents.”

Canton Township Board of Trustees recently signed a unanimous resolution opposing Salem Township’s application for the wastewater treatment facility on Fellows Creek.

Canton Township Supervisor Anne Marie Graham-Hudak, who is concerned about contamination during the township’s high-water events, said she is worried the dumping of 840,000 gallons daily could contribute to more flooding events in the future.

“Discharge from the proposed Salem plant would exacerbate the problem” she said.

Friends of the Rouge, acclaimed environmental authority and champions of the Clean Water Act, one that regulates discharges of pollution into U.S. waters and controls pollution by means such as wastewater standards, has expressed strong opposition to the sewage project.

“Due to the Fellows Creek’s unique importance as an ecological resource and the negative impact that the Wastewater Treatment Facility development and associated infrastructure will have on the health of Fellows Creek and the Rouge River watershed, FOTR recommends denial of this permit.”

Let’s not permit indifference keep us from showing up on April 4, at 6:00 p.m., and tell EGLE we’re concerned about our city, township, community, neighborhood, property values and environmental safety – so we can say ‘we’re involved and we care.’


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