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May 8, 2016  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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To the Editor:

I want to commend the Northville Public Schools for their recent literary “show.” It almost felt as if there was real attempt to address concerns raised by parents and board members. Yet we all know how agenda’s work. You form a committee of people who have the same world view as you and they come to the conclusion that you wanted them to come to. Are there no literary works that deal with the issues of inferiority without having to subject our children to wallow in the mud of incest, rape, molestation and other forms of debauchery?

I’m sure the committee feels they did their job, yet I don’t know how this same committee would feel if I invited their children to my house for dinner. There is a dumpster near my house, and if I were to take these beautiful, intelligent, gifted children to the dumpster and encouraged them to help themselves, there might be some concern raised. Yet inside that dumpster there are morsels of good food that would meet the board of education’s strict dietary guidelines. You just need to search through the filth to get those morsels.

Why is it acceptable to ask our children to roam through the garbage of literature to glean some small bit of acceptable content? As a 17-year-resident of Northville, I have one child that has graduated from Northville High School, yet I have chosen to send my remaining three children to a private school where they won’t be deluged with this and other types of objectionable material.

I know censorship was brought up as a concern, yet let’s be honest, censorship is not the issue. We have chosen to censor the greatest literary work of all times, the one book that has sold more copies than any other book. A book that has been translated into more languages than any other work. So we really aren’t worried about being censors.

What will be the next committee’s recommendation? Will it be gender neutral bathrooms, locker rooms and showers? Is there some great literary work on bestiality? Do we need to provide a medical marijuana lounge for students and teachers? Should we have a class on how to make suicide bomb vests? It’s all the rage in other cultures.

Yes I live in a wonderful community with great neighbors and exceptional schools, yet I am choosing to spend large amounts of money to send my children to schools where I trust the administration, and when I have a concern my voice is heard and valued. You will see a growing trend of parents that will say enough is enough, and will follow suit.


Jon Wilkes

Northville, Michigan


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