Facts about Facebook on their 10th anniversary

Feb. 5, 2014  PLYMOUTH VOICE.


Facebook survey said few users share on a daily basis


This week marks ten years since Facebook started out and a new Pew Research survey based on telephone interviews last year reveal how relationships are changing in social media world used by hundreds of millions of people.

There are more people than ever using the social media rage Facebook. But only a small percentage of users are sharing details of their lives, according to a published report by the Wall Street Journal.

The Pew survey says of Facebook’s more than 1.2 billion users, only about 10% update their status daily and only 15% of the users comment on photos more than once a day.

36% of the users reported the disliked it when people share “too much information…”

The report stated that the amount of time each users spends on Facebook is a key element for business investors because it’s tied to the number of ads Facebook can sell, as each user action equals another data point and Facebook advertising strength relies on that data. Facebook makes 90% of its money by selling ads.

Statistics show daily active users were up 22% year-over-year.

The research reported that 25% of adults say they share nothing at all on Facebook and has 338 friends, something that would seem impossible 10 years ago.

Of the users interviewed, 27% said they disliked others seeing their comments they didn’t mean for them to see. Others said when using Facebook they felt pressured to get “likes.”

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