A case of postal fraud

Jul. 25, 2016  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Anyone looking for clear evidence of the poor character and deceitful nature of incumbent Plymouth Township Supervisor Shannon Price and Treasurer Ron Edwards need only empty their mailbox.

In the mail this week, these two, under the guise of some trumped up name or another, delivered a misleading, disingenuous and downright threatening message to voters. “Notice of tax increase,” the card says on one side and on the other warning them that a “township millionaire” was determined to increase their taxes by $250 a year to fund some kind of personal entertainment complex.

Such scare tactics and untruths might be laughable, if it weren’t that many seniors and uninformed folks could easily be misled by this pure political manure, designed to be flung at the opposition hoping some of it will stick and that the smell alone will discourage voters.

Don Soenen, the named millionaire, does indeed support the new Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex (PARC). He, and a lot of other folks are working diligently to bring a community venue to Plymouth for the use of all the residents. Everyone involved has said that the venue may require support from the taxpayers who WILL BE ASKED TO VOTE on any millage considered to support the project.

That is a far cry from the incumbent’s arbitrary building and spending in township park, cutting down trees, paving over paradise and building a monument to his own ego that residents protested for months. Ron Edwards with the help of this board of trustees spent more than $2 million of YOUR money on HIS projects.

Seriously, do you really think the township needs a snow making machine that cost $30,000 and presents a danger to children and hiked insurance rates? Seriously? Do we need his amphitheater? Do we want to continue to fund his golf course that loses $100,000 a year?

Scare tactics, Mr. Edwards? You and your spending and disregard for the people you are entrusted to serve are the scariest thing Plymouth Township has ever seen.

If ever a voter needed evidence of the real nature of these two, look at this piece of nasty, malicious and patently false filth. They are attempting to smear anyone who might oppose them or their plans for voters’ tax dollars with innuendo and lies.

If there is anyone who “needs a job” it is Shannon Price, who will have nowhere to go if he is not reelected to the job he gained through his political connections and who owes his benefactors big time.

He expects to continue to pay them, as he has, with legal fees that have exceeded $80,000 of taxpayers’ money, so far.

We suggest voters write-in Kurt Heise, and cast their vote for Mark Clinton, Jerry Vorva and Bob Doroshewitz, men who obviously oppose and frighten these fear-mongering political character assassins.


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