The real reason residents prefer to live in Canton or Northville townships

May 15, 2013  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.



Good governance key attracting residents


People want to live in Canton and Northville townships. These two communities were both in the top 10 of new residential building permits issued last year, according to data released by the Southeastern Michigan Council of Governments recently.

We’re not surprised.

These two communities offer excellent school districts where the priority is educating students in the most efficient and effective way possible. Students in both districts have the benefit, not only of real educators in the administration offices, but with dedicated, compassionate and professional teachers in the classrooms who are treated as such by the members of the school boards and the public.

That success shows every year when students excel at state tests.

In addition, each of these townships fully understands the importance of public safety to any resident, of any age or income bracket. New families, retirees, empty nesters, all potential or current residents at any time in their lives feel that public safety is a crucial element in the community. Both Canton and Northville townships understand and share that opinion. Canton Township Supervisor Phil LaJoy stated at a public meeting early this year that public safety has to be one of the most important issues in any community, and we couldn’t agree more.

In his township, there is a full-time professional public safety department with trained, certified firefighters, EMTs and Advanced Life Support professionals. In Northville Township, too, the public safety department is a priority and the professional firefighting an emergency medical services are some of the best in the area.

Each of these townships offers exemplary management of these departments by experienced proven professionals who understand the seriousness of the responsibility they bear for the safety of the public and the men and women who work for them.

Both these communities also offer exceptional recreational and senior services which differ between the two, but where each is clearly dedicated to serving the needs of the community.

The real key, however, to the increase in home construction and the desirability of these two communities is the philosophy of the administration in each. Without an administration dedicated to public safety and public service, those requirements would falter and eventually, diminish. It is the elected officials in these communities, along with the department heads they have hired and the employees who represent the community to the public, that make the difference in where people choose to live.

People want good, current, successful schools and efficient, trustworthy public safety before the other amenities any community can offer. No matter if they are retired or just starting out, new home buyers want to know that the schools will entice other buyers when and if they decide to sell. They all understand the impact of the public safety capabilities on their home insurance and the future market value of their property.

They may not, however, realize that it is the people serving in township hall and in the school board offices who create the environment of public service and involvement and dedicated education, who really determine the quality of life they enjoy and the future market value of their new homes.

We fully understand why anyone would choose Canton or Northville township where transparency, responsiveness and good, solid financial management provides some of the very best in schools, public safety and governance in the state.

Congratulations are in order.

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