Seniors pay the price for political “party-crashers”

Apr. 18, 2024  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Political shenanigans have unfortunately disrupted a senior ‘coffee’ with the supervisor this week.

The Plymouth Community Council on Aging is a popular senior group that organizes events and hosts monthly activities at the Friendship Station in Plymouth Township. Seniors are kept busy with monthly meetings, luncheons, a fall senior picnic and holiday celebrations, just to name a few.

For a small annual membership fee, senior residents in the City of Plymouth and Plymouth Township, many who can’t easily get around, assemble each month to enjoy informational and entertaining programs, cards, camaraderie and a feeling of trust. The PCCA operates as an unbiased, non-political, non-profit corporation to promote and safeguard the independence and well-being of our seniors.

One such event was to provide another opportunity for seniors to meet on Friday with Plymouth Township Supervisor, Kurt Heise, and hear first-hand of township business, plans and air any concerns.

The “Coffee with Kurt” was set for Friday, April 19 at their Schoolcraft Road location; billed as “Coffee, Donuts and Conversation.” PCCA has hosted the coffee event almost every year semi-annually since 2017, along with invited Police Chiefs, Fire Chiefs, Treasurers and others guests with topics of interest.

At the last hour, the PCCA was forced to cancel what would have normally been a fun and a common occurrence after hearing the administration warning of a scheduled political disruption.

The Senior Alliance posted the following notice:

“Due to unforeseen circumstances the PCCA has made the decision to cancel Coffee with Kurt, Plymouth Township Supervisor for Friday, April 19th, as we have been notified of social media posts suggesting here will be organized political disruption, and we don’t want to put our seniors at risk.”

“I’m disappointed PCCA was forced to cancel this longstanding public outreach event for our seniors. My political opponent’s supporters, apparently now including an Oakland County State Representative , need to dial down their mean-spirited messaging and think about the harm they’re doing to our seniors,” Heise commented on Thursday.

There was no date yet announced for the next scheduled coffee meeting with the township supervisor.


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