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July 2, 2013  PLYMOUTH VOICE.


Home security tips from Plymouth Police Department


Whether you are running a short errand to the grocery store or going out of town, you should always lock your doors and windows until you return. This also goes for garage doors and vehicle doors. Valuables should never be left in your vehicle, however if you have to leave them in a vehicle, make sure that your vehicle doors are locked.

When you are not home at night always leave inside and outside lights on. This gives people the impression that somebody is home. A dark home is an attractive target to thieves. When going to bed at night, always lock your doors and windows (unless the windows are high above the ground).

Neighbors should watch out for each other’s homes and property. If you spot a suspicious person or vehicle don’t be afraid to call the police and have the subject or vehicle checked out. Residents know their neighborhoods and know who belongs and who doesn’t. If you would like to start a neighborhood watch program, you can call the police department and we will help you get one started.

If you plan on going out of town for any length of time, stop in or call the Plymouth Police Department and fill out a vacation check request form. Officers will check your home while you are away and the service is free.

In an effort to cut down on stolen bicycle the City of Plymouth Police Department would like to remind everyone to keep their bicycles in their garages or sheds or locked up when they are not using them.

Children should use the bicycle racks provided at schools and use a bicycle lock.

The Plymouth Police Dept. also offers a bicycle registration service. For $2 you can register your bicycle at the Police Department and you will receive a numbered sticker to place on your bicycle. If your bicycle should be stolen and found elsewhere, the registration number will help us to return the bicycle to you.

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