Plymouth Township election roundup

State Rep. and Plymouth Township Supervisor elect Kurt Heise’s farewell address.


Nov. 9, 2017  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Resident’s voters that swept clean the Plymouth Township Board of Trustees after a bruising August primary once again showed up in-force on Tuesday to reaffirm their choice for candidates for Supervisor, Clerk and Treasurer. Kurt Heise. Jerry Vorva and Mark Clinton easily won the executive positions. Heise and Vorva ran unopposed. Clinton was challenged by Mary Siefert.

Candidates Jack Dempsey, and Gary Heitman were elected to fill the two open trustee spots.

Siefert and trustee candidate Joe LeBlanc were unsuccessful in the bid to take office, garnering 39 and 8 percent of the vote respectfully.

Defeated incumbents, Treasurer Ron Edwards and Clerk Nancy Conzelman  launched a last minute write-in campaign and were quashed with Edwards taking less than 1 percent and Conzelman 3 percent of the total votes cast for their individual positions.


Here are the unofficial results.


Plymouth Township Supervisor

Kurt Heise                     11,564

Write-in                               311


Plymouth Township Clerk

Jerry Vorva                     10,877

Write-in                                362


Plymouth Township Treasurer

Mark Clinton                    9,676

Mary L. Siefert                 6,228

Write-in                                 116


Plymouth Township Trustee

Jack Dempsey                   9,930

Chuck Curmi                      9,614

Bob Doroshewitz               9,387

Gary Heitman                    9,172

Joseph LeBlanc                 3,625

Write-in                                  343



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