Former judge urges change

July 26, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


“…we have the opportunity to make a positive change in our township board of trustees.” Marvin Stempien.



To the editor;

I have been a resident of the Plymouth community and Colony Farms subdivision for the past 27 years. It was my privilege to service Michigan for 28 years as a city attorney, as a state representative, as a court judicial attorney and as a Wayne County Circuit Court judge.

During that public service, I gained in-depth experience in constitutional law and the protection of voter rights. I am sending this note regarding the Aug. 7 election because we have the opportunity to make a positive change in our township board of trustees.

In this election, we have a chance to elect a new treasurer and four new trustees. It is essential that we nominate and elect a new treasurer. In recent years, our present treasurer has dominated the votes of the township board. Most recently, he has steamrolled the unlawful actions of the board to deny the constitutional right of Plymouth electors to vote on saving our fire and EMS protection.

In the recent past, he has demonstrated a shocking lack of personal control in dealings with officials and employees of our township. He has physically assaulted one of our elected officials in the Township Hall. On another occasion, without cause, he has created a public spectacle by berating and threatening our public safety officers over the 911 system. In two separate circuit court cases since he has been treasurer, he has been sued for his unlawful conduct in violating the civil rights of female employees, including sex discrimination. Our community deserves better. We deserve a new treasurer.

I hope that you will join me in voting for Edwin A. Schulz for treasurer and Jennifer Mann for township trustee. I believe in their commitment to our community and I know that their actions on the Plymouth Township Board will make people their priority.

Marvin R. Stempien,

Plymouth Township


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