Legislator’s conduct questioned

July 26, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.


Heise’s law partner and his law firm are racking up thousands of dollars in legal fees each month to fight his own constituents.”


To the editor;

I always held the thought that state representatives represented the people, tried to improve the communities they represent, heard the voice of the people, and created laws in the state. I imagined that they listened to their needs, recognized their problems, served on committees, proposed and voted on legislation and generally helped their constituents.

I thought Kurt Heise was our go-to man in Plymouth Township and would listen and help us with our problems. He’s the representative for the 20th District, which covers everyone in Plymouth, Plymouth Township, parts of Northville and eastern Canton.

I know Mr. Heise is busy these days, busy campaigning. I see his signs all over the community. And, I know he has lots of exposure and has held lots of public forums at coffee shops and libraries.

Heise is deep rooted in Plymouth Township. He’s an attorney of counsel to Hemming, Polaczyk, Cronin, Witthoff, and Bennett, in Plymouth, which specializes in environmental, municipal, and labor law, and whose clients include Canton, Garden City, Dearborn Heights and Plymouth Township. Heise’s law partner is Tim Cronin, Plymouth Township’s official attorney. He also knows his way around Wayne County, too. He used to work for Bob Ficano as director of the Wayne County Department of Environment.

But despite it all, what has Kurt Heise done to help address the controversy within Plymouth Township over our public safety, except to basically say don’t bother me, “I am a law-maker, not a law enforcer?”

Currently Plymouth Township is embroiled in a legal battle with residents and voters in the Michigan Court of Appeals over the board of trustees’ denial to allow a public service referendum to go forward to save our fire and EMS protection. Recently, media sources reported the ACLU is also investigating the township actions.

Heise’s law partner and his law firm are racking up thousands of dollars in legal fees each month to fight his own constituents.

It’s ironic, when you read about Kurt Heise’s accomplishments he says things like, “Protecting public health is a basic responsibility of government, and …We clearly need more transparency at all levels of government.”

But the one quote that really makes me think about his dedication is, “It is critical that we have an additional bridge across the Detroit River.”

Don Howard,


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