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Oct. 11, 2015  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News   Citizen protests and objections by fellow board members has not stopped determined Plymouth Township Supervisor Shannon Price who said he still wants to set-up a citizen roundtable to come up with malicious bullying ordinance language that is not objectionable. Price has amended

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Shannon Price

Price fields questions during television interview-after boards’ attempt to pass ‘malicious communication’ ordinance.     Sep. 21, 2015  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News     Don Howard Staff Writer   A proposed “malicious communications” ordinance in Plymouth Township is no more than an attempt to silence political activists and critics

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Breaking news

Dec. 4, 2014  PLYMOUTH VOICE News Plymouth Michigan   Several residents in Plymouth Township have reported receiving anonymous ROBO calls with a recording that claims the grassroots citizens activist group attempting to recall four township officials wants only to spend millions of taxpayer dollars. The computer recording directs the caller

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Richard Reaume Kurt Heise

July 26, 2012  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.   “Heise’s law partner and his law firm are racking up thousands of dollars in legal fees each month to fight his own constituents.” LETTERS To the editor; I always held the thought that state representatives represented the people, tried to improve the communities they

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