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Plymouth City Recreation Department announces new fall classes.


Community Dog Training Class Starts Tuesday, September 10


Designed specifically for the Plymouth Cultural Center, this 6-week program is a family-style class that uses positive reinforcement in a relaxed setting.  Your dog will be socialized with other dogs, trained, and will learn all the skills to make the time invested a worthwhile and rewarding experience for your dog, yourself, and your family.  Community Dog Training is an introduction to Sit, Down, Stay, Coming When Called, Walking on a Loose Leash, and Leave It.

Written information provided for all classes.  Bring collar, leash, and treats every week.  Bring proof of vaccination or letter from vet to first class.  First day of class is an hour and a half orientation without the dogs.

All group classes are 6 weeks in length, and will take place one day a week for approximately 60 minutes.  All sessions will be held at the Plymouth Cultural Center.

For more information about the Basic Obedience class format, please contact Judi Hales at (734)718-3541.

September 10 – October 22 (*No class October 8)
Tuesdays, 7:15pm-8:15pm
Class # 226506.01
Fees: $155 (City of Plymouth Residents $140)


Fun With Fido Class Starts Wednesday, September 11


This class is ideal if you want to move on to agility.  The class teaches shaping, and introductions to non-regulation agility equipment.  There will also be some tricks and games at the end of each class.  The class is also helpful for somewhat skittish dogs, it builds their confidence and owners learn the proper way how to desensitize their dogs to the equipment and other things as well.

Class requirements: Basic Obedience preferred, but a good understanding of sit-stay and down-stay is helpful.  Dogs must not be overly reactive toward other dogs.  5 dogs maximum and 4 dogs minimum required.  This class needs to have 4 students enrolled or it may be cancelled.

All sessions are 5 weeks in length, and will take place one day a week for approximately 60 minutes.

For more information about the Fun With Fido class format, please contact Judi Hales at (734)718-3541.

September 11 – October 16 (*No class October 9)
Wednesdays, 7:15pm-8:15pm
Class # 226513.01
Fees: $140 (City of Plymouth Residents $125)


Pilates Bodies Starts Wednesday, September 11


Improve your self-image!  Look & feel fit!  Flatten your ABS, reduce stress, improve flexibility & posture.  You will use your own body weight to increase core strength.  The core muscles are the deep, internal muscles of the abdomen and back, which along with the trunk muscles, support the spine and movement.  This helps overcome back pain.  Exercises can be modified to be easier or more challenging.  Wear exercise clothes & bring a mat (preferably thicker than a yoga mat).  If you do yoga, some of the Pilates exercises will seem familiar, but we move through the exercise, rather than holding the poses.

September 11 – December 11

Wednesdays, 6:00pm-7:00pm
Class # 223205.01
Fees: $136 (City of Plymouth Residents $121)
Ages: 14+



Awareness Starts Thursday, September 12


Since most of us now expect to outlive our parents generation, the challenge is now less about surviving and more about thriving.  Are we truly meant to reach our full height and strength in our twenties and then begin the decline of “the aging process” with loss of mental clarity and increasing aches, pains, and stiffness?  Absolutely not!

Combining ancient wisdom with sciences latest discoveries in brain neuro-plasticity, through Awareness Through Movement…Transformational Movement lessons you can eliminate aches & pains, increase mental & physical flexibility, boost strength & energy, enhance & revitalize sensuality as you move towards greater grace, joy & wisdom in daily life.

September 12 – October 24

Thursdays, 7:30pm-9:00pm
Class # 223210.01
Fees: $132 (City of Plymouth Residents $117)
Ages: 15+


For more information:

City of Plymouth – Recreation Department

525 Farmer

Plymouth, MI 48170



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