Area death toll climbs slowly-virus cases set to peak

Apr. 8, 2020  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Don Howard

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In the past four days COVID-19 virus deaths in the U.S. has increased by over 73 percent to 12,285. As the national death toll climbs and virus cases are set to peak, five Plymouth area communities have shown little change in the number of confirmed cases and reported deaths.

Plymouth, Plymouth Township, Northville, Northville Township and Canton Township are reporting a combined total of 335 cases of the virus as of April 7, with a total of 7 deaths. Included in that total are two new deaths that were reported in Canton on Tuesday. Canton, with the highest numbers, now has 225 total confirmed cases and 2 total deaths. Canton has more than three times the population of the other local municipalities combined.

Plymouth has 15 reported confirmed COVID-19 cases and Plymouth Township 35. Northville Township reports 51 and the City of Northville 9. Plymouth Township death total is now five.

Michigan deaths from the virus rose 16 percent and made the largest daily jump since the outbreak hit the state, officials said Tuesday.

With a total of 19,000 confirmed virus cases, Michigan reported 845 deaths to date. Ninety percent of the state fatalities occurred in the Detroit metropolitan area, according to CNN statistics. Detroit is still considered a national hot spot

“It’s another tough 24 hours here in Michigan. We know that we are continuing on what is an upward trajectory at this point in time, “ said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on Tuesday.

Michigan currently ranks sixth in the nation with the number of virus cases per 100,000 people-by state. New York reporting 678, New Jersey, 463, Louisiana 320, Massachusetts 201, Connecticut 194, and Michigan 172.

The Tuesday COVID-19 report for Wayne County states there were 253 new confirmed cases and 18 new deaths. The cumulative case total for Wayne County is 3,518 and 180 deaths.

New York is still holds the record for the greatest number of confirmed cases in the nation. As of this morning there are 140,081 coronavirus cases and 5,563 deaths reported.


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