We honor the service and sacrifice of generations of Americans

May 26, 2023  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

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Monday, May 29, 2023 Plymouth Mayflower Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 6695, and the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 528, will hold a memorial ceremony in downtown Plymouth at 9:00 a.m. at the Veterans memorial Park, Main and Church Streets.


On Monday we honor the service and sacrifice of generations of Americans.

Their sacrifice gave us the right to bear arms, limited government, checks and balances against tyranny, and free speech. All these principles, when under attack, remain with “we the people” to defend and protect.

Civil War: Thousands of Americans served selflessly under Lincoln and made the ultimate sacrifice to end the tyranny of slavery.

WWI: America, when provoked by attacks, sent America’s soldiers into battle alongside allies to defeat acts of aggression by a tyrannical axis of countries including Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire.

WWII: They were known as the “Greatest Generation.” Our nation and possibly the entire world were at risk of falling to the evil of Japanese tyranny and Nazism. “We the people” owe so much to the bravery and sacrifice of that generation. As time passes will their history be rewritten and twisted into something it wasn’t?

Korean War: Our military made the call, and they responded to defend a country they did not know and a people they had never met. They were sent to fight communism abroad for the freedom of others.

Vietnam War: They were drafted to serve in an ugly war, also in a country they did not know and a people they had never met to once again fight communism from spreading and freedom for others.

Middle East: After the attack on 9/11 they chose to leave good jobs and even professional sports to join the military. They made the ultimate sacrifice far from home. They freed our world of the tyrannical dictator Saddam Hussein; and perpetrator of evil Osama Bin Laden.

Will “we the people” heed the warning of Ronald Reagan and others? The battle against tyranny may now be within.

May God bless America this Memorial Day as “we the people” remember and honor by our actions; the fallen who paid the price for the very freedoms and opportunities we are so blessed to have.

Jeff Mackey, Capt USN Retired


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