Police and Fire First Responders chip-in for Public Safety

Friends of Plymouth Township Treasurer Bill Carter accepts a $3000.00 check from Plymouth Township Fire Department local union President, Guy Villet.



Oct. 11, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.

Plymouth Michigan News


Last week union members of the Plymouth Township Fire and Police Department presented a combined $4,670.00 in donations to Friends of Plymouth Township in support of the upcoming Township Public Safety Millage proposal set for the Nov. 6 Election.

Township Police Department POA President Jason Hayes presented Carter with cash and personal check donations in the amount of $1,670.00 in addition to the Fire Department contributions.

Friends are a non-profit and re-united grassroots group of Plymouth Township citizen volunteers who have in the past taken an interest and action on critical township issues, including support for the township’s police and fire departments

Carter said he was “extremely pleased at the very generous donations provided by the townships best-the first responders.”

According to township officials, Plymouth Township will require 1.2 Mills per year ($1.20 per $1000 of taxable value) from 2018 through 2035. For the average homeowner this will equate to roughly $150 a year. The funds will be used to update and replace aging equipment including fire trucks and ambulances, improving police, fire and dispatch facilities and addressing staffing needs.

The Friends group say they plan to utilize contributions to blanket the township with information for voters, to explain the vital importance of the upcoming public safety ballot issue and the hurtles the Township faces to sufficiently fund emergency response to meet public safety expectations and comply with new state and federal mandates. One example they site is the revised National Fire Protection Association changes to staffing levels for a fire in a single-family dwelling that now calls for a minimum deployment of 14 firefighters. The township currently has a total of 21 firefighters to man its 3 stations for all shifts.

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