Plymouth Township

Sitting halfway between Detroit and Ann Arbor, Plymouth, Michigan is a unique small town and storied community of two-square miles.  Plymouth Voice actively reports on all the news and events of the beautiful city that was founded in 1825.

The City of Plymouth is an enclave of Plymouth Township with its own unique governing body.

Farms and farmers remained the backbone of the Plymouth community until after the Civil War when two railroads intersected the Village. The growth of railroads near the turn of the 19th century helped to generate growth and commerce, including Plymouth’s competitive air-rifle businesses that built their factories off Main Street, near the Pere Marquette tracks. The existing air rifle businesses in Plymouth soon combined and evolved into one worldwide supplier, known today as The Daisy Manufacturing Company. Plymouth is a now major railroad intersection of the two main-line tracks within the state.

What hasn’t changed is the character and atmosphere of the town.

Plymouth is considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in the Midwest. Plymouth is the town in which everyone wishes they had grown up. Plymouth is the place where there are people in Kellogg Park in the center of town at all hours. Plymouth is the town where neighbors still know each other and freely share aspects of their lives at nearly every phase of adulthood, whether raising children, tending grandchildren or coping with the issues of aging.

Beneath the quaint exterior lies a rich history that is still living today. Much more than the idyllic image from a quaint Norman Rockwell painting that it is, Plymouth is a wonderful old-town filled with charm, schools, parks, subdivisions, shops, restaurants and abundant local events.

The Charter Township of Plymouth is a community of 16-square miles with a population of 27,500, that is rich in history and culture. Thriving commerce and industry are alive in Plymouth Township. The Township is served by the Plymouth Canton School District.

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