Electric rate hike request now under scrutiny by AG

Apr. 1, 2024  PLYMOUTH VOICE.

Plymouth Michigan News


Recent outcry after DTE Energy announced their latest rate hike request has apparently caused alarm and provoked the ire of democratic Michigan Attorney General, Dana Nessel.

Just months after the Michigan Public Service Commission granted DTE a $368 million rate increase they’re back at it with the commission, this time seeking $456 million more.

Calling the request “frankly, absurd,” Nessel expressed her displeasure with DTE and has filed a notice of intervention in this rate case, as she does in all utility rate increase requests before the MPSC.

“This latest rate hike request from DTE is, frankly, absurd in both the astounding dollars and obnoxious timing—requesting yet another $450 million not even four months since their last rate hike was approved,” said Nessel in a strongly worded press release.

“DTE is following their usual playbook, incessant and oppressive rate hike requests not grounded in reality, but rather based on the financial aspirations of their corporate shareholders. And DTE demands the money without implementing any corresponding accountability or reliability metrics and measures. DTE’s captive ratepayers in Detroit and elsewhere deserve better than this exploitation, where the utility baselessly demands more and more from their customers without promising anything in return by way of increased reliability or accountability.”

Oversight for DTE and all state utilities comes under the MPSC’s three-member regulatory board appointed by Michigan democratic Governor, Gretchen Whitmer. No more than two Commissioners may represent the same political party. Commissioners are appointed for six years.

Public critics say DTE’s service is unreliable and unaffordable.


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