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Plymouth Township Supervisor Kurt Heise     Jul. 13, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News     Don Howard Staff Writer Plymouth City Commissioners took action last week to ratify a settlement agreement regarding past fire department legacy costs. The move, long delayed and the subject of much apprehension by

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Jun. 27, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News       By Don Howard Staff Writer In a surprise move, Plymouth Township officials approved the filing of a second lawsuit against the City of Plymouth in an attempt to recover the unsettled pension financial obligations resulting from the 2010 dissolution

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Mar. 10, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News     “The remaining dispute involves settlement of pensions.”   Don Howard Staff Writer An agreement to settle a dispute between Plymouth Township and the City of Plymouth regarding fire department legacy costs appears to be in jeopardy. Members of the Plymouth

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