It’s time we act to make Plymouth Township a better place to live

August 2, 2012  PLYMOUTH VOICE



From tax abatements for businesses to strong-arming individuals for donations, to obligating news sources: suggestions, threats and ugly conflicts of interest have been the order of business for Plymouth Township officials for way too long.

When trustee candidate Jennifer Mann picked up on Mitt Romney’s, “You do have a choice-there is a better way” for her campaign credo, she had to know how very profound this statement is when applied to the political abyss in our township.

There are 28,000 people in our community. If we would just wake up, exercise our right to vote and make known our choice we could take back our community and once again make Plymouth Township a really great and safe place for our families, children and grandchildren for generations to come.

You should know, there’s a secret agenda and a self-enriching plan that has been brewing for years. A plan created by the township treasurer and conveniently carried out and covered up by the supervisor, then acquiesced to by the majority of the trustees.

It’s a clique. It’s a quid-pro-quo policy, an “I’ll-give-you-this; you-give-me-that” attitude that is evident and has been proven countless times.

As if they’re saying, “We’ll do what we want, because we know what’s best for our township. And when it comes to safety, we’d never put you in jeopardy because we also live here. We control our budget, our purchases, and our property. We spend whatever we want when we want. We’re the elite.

“We’re quick taking credit for any event that occurs within a 10-mile radius, like road paving in another community, a sanctioned premier car show, even if we weren’t involved.

“We set the rules and the boundaries.

“We don’t even have to answer to the public when they ask and vent out loud at our board meetings. They can just ask all they want, and then they can sit down and shut up.”

Yes, friends and neighbors, it’s really happening, we’ve lost our voice and Tuesday it’s our turn to make a difference in Plymouth Township.

Get out and vote!

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