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Heffernan and Edwards last meeting

Ousted Plymouth Treasurer Ron Edwards and Plante Moran auditor Joe Heffernan (foreground) listen as township board members review DOJ audit charges. Nov. 15, 2016.   Nov. 25, 2016  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   “$140,000 in state forfeiture funds-missing and unaccounted for.” …Tom Tiderington, Plymouth Township Police Chief.    

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Kevin Bennett

Kevin Bennett, Plymouth Township attorney provides consultation at recent Board of Trustees meeting.   Feb. 5, 2015  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News   Don Howard Staff Writer   A Plymouth Township resident said he has been forced to resort to the court system to settle a dispute over his water

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Joe Bridgman    BOT Meeting

Mar. 20, 2013  PLYMOUTH VOICE.   During an irritable discussion regarding accounting for past expenses and receipts from Plymouth Township’s annual picnic and fireworks, Treasurer Ron Edwards responding to Joe Bridgman, former Township Clerk, during his impromptu appearance at the March 12, 2013 Board of Trustee meeting: “Everything that is

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