Plymouth Voice actively reports on all the news and events of the beautiful small town of Plymouth. Founded in 1825, Plymouth is a unique city and storied community of just two square miles in southeast Michigan, situated between Detroit and Ann Arbor.

Farms and farmers were the backbone of the Plymouth community until after the Civil War when two railroads intersected the Village of Plymouth. The growth of railroads near the turn of the 19thcentury helped to generate growth of Plymouth’s competitive air-rifle businesses when they built factories on Main Street near the Pere Marquette Railroad tracks. The air rifle business later evolved into the world leader-manufacturing firm, the Daisy Manufacturing Company. Today Plymouth is still the major railroad intersection of the two main tracks within the state.

Plymouth is considered to be one of the most desirable places to live in the Midwest. Beneath the quaint exterior lies a rich history that is still living today. Much more than the idyllic image from a quaint Norman Rockwell painting that it is, Plymouth is a wonderful old-town filled with charm, schools, parks, subdivisions, shops, restaurants and abundant local events.

The City of Plymouth is entirely surrounded by the Charter Township of Plymouth, a community of 16-square miles with a population of 27,500.

Full Agenda for last City Commission Meeting

Dec. 16, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News The last Plymouth City Commission Meeting of the year is packed with ...
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Colbeck rebukes DTE in 11th hour statement

Dec. 14, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News “In my own district, the City of Plymouth has been especially plagued ...
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Board of Education to fill vacancy through appointment

Dec. 13, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Patty Mullen has resigned her seat on the Plymouth Canton Community Schools ...
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Looking back – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Dec. 8, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Looking back – Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Don Howard Staff Writer On ...
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Remembering President George H.W. Bush in Plymouth

Dec. 6, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Final Goodbyes Don Howard Staff Writer As President George H.W. Bush was ...
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Plymouth auto parts supplier relocates with new name

Dec. 1, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News Operations of FZB Technology, Inc. rebranded as Dare Auto, Inc., have moved ...
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Grant, loan to fund Bathey site clean-up

Nov. 29, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News The clean up of a former manufacturing site in Plymouth is being ...
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Christmas events in Plymouth

Nov. 26, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News UPDATED Plymouth provides a small-town celebration straight out of “It's a Wonderful ...
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FBI Logo e

Former Township Director to be sentenced

Nov. 24, 2018  PLYMOUTH EAGLE. Plymouth Michigan News Don Howard Staff Writer Details of the federal prosecution of former Plymouth ...
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Santa Mrs

Santa’s arrival gets big welcome

Nov. 23, 2018  PLYMOUTH VOICE. Plymouth Michigan News The arrival of Santa and Mrs. Claus in Downtown Plymouth warmed the ...
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