Plymouth Township to combine fire fighter and police duties



September 18, 2012  PLYMOUTH VOICE.


Informed sources report Plymouth Township’s police union personnel are now in the ratification process of a proposal to combine fire fighter and police duties into public safety officer positions, commonly known as PSO’s.

The proposed plan will necessitate hiring many more police officers and the purchase of additional police equipment, fire gear, radios, police cars and training.

Under this plan the Township will mainly rely on the HVA Ambulance Co. of Ann Arbor for medical or emergency calls, as the PSO’s will not be able to do much more than CPR after training. The plan also calls for a double-digit percentage increase in the salary of the police officers.

Sources say, simple arithmetic will show there are no savings to this plan in comparison to the annual expenditure for Plymouth Township’s experienced and professional fire fighter paramedics who are already medically certified in advance life support.

The featured video provides more detail of how a Public Safety Officer program would affect the residents of Plymouth Township, should the proposal go forward.




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