Edward’s revenge is the township’s loss

May 29, 2013  PLYMOUTH EAGLE.





Political vengeance has cost the residents of Plymouth Township any real sense of security and safety 



Maybe they just didn’t think it was important.

Perhaps it was an especially busy day and they didn’t have the time.

Or maybe the failure of any Plymouth Township elected officials to appear for the ground breaking ceremony at the planned memorial for fallen first responders last week was a political statement. Maybe this staunch crew of Republicans just didn’t want to be associated with Democratic Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano, who spoke at the event.

Believe it or not, we really hope one of the above reasons prompted their failure to appear, because the alternative is that they took this groundbreaking as another opportunity to demonstrate the disdain and lack of respect they evidence for those charged with the protection of the public every day. In light of the outpouring of emotion and community empathy that surrounded the death of Westland firefighter Brian Woehlke last week, this overt snub by Plymouth Township officials was especially revealing and insulting.

For years, officials in the township, led by Treasurer Ron Edwards, have been determined to obliterate the full-time fire department. They claim their decisions are financially prudent and in the best interest of the taxpayers. Other observers say that Edwards vowed to demolish the department and get rid of all the firefighters in retaliation for a political ad of his opponent in an election several years ago. There are those who claim that he made the statement vowing to “get rid of them” publicly because they had the audacity to support another candidate in the election.

If that’s true, he’s doing a fine job, and he has enlisted or bullied the remainder of the board members into accepting whatever balderdash he spews as justification for jeopardizing the safety of every township resident.

That political vengeance, however, has cost the residents of Plymouth Township any real sense of security and safety. While many remain apathetic and do not realize, or even care, what has been done to their community, others live in fear that they might have a medical emergency or a fire and need help which simply is no longer available.

We suspect that many may start to pay attention as new municipal risk ratings by legitimate agencies go into effect and residents see the cost of home insurance increase markedly.

Other communities, too, did not have representatives present at this event, which was, we felt less than respectful and inappropriate, but the memorial is not located in their community.

This groundbreaking for a tribute to men and women who have lost their lives attempting to protect others saw not one single Plymouth Township elected official in attendance, even though the structure will be located in their community.

Those actions, we feel, speak louder than any words.

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